Charter of Corporate Behavior

Yushiro Group strives to satisfy the corporate philosophy of "The Way of Mutual Progress". Therefore, all corporate activities are planned and enforced to gain the respect of all the stakeholders of our group, backed by the goal for sustainable development. Corporate activities are a product of each and every behavior and action taken by each and every one of its employees. Therefore, it is indispensable that all employees abide by the law and regulations to ensure that the company is favorably accepted by all stakeholders, as we actualize our ideals toward the "The Way of Mutual Progress". Similarly, it is vital for all employees to observe in-house regulations, and take action within bounds of social ethics, as well. Simply put, this points to the need to thoroughly practice "compliance".

Yushiro Group has constantly revised and improved in-house regulations, and held various in-house training programs, to remain a good corporate citizen through their actions. However, Yushiro has decided that more should be done by systematically organizing the company's compliance system. These items in which we expect our employees to practice have been defined in the "Yushiro Group Charter of Corporate Behavior". The Charter comprehensively documents the indices in which all Yushiro Group employees should undertake.

Yushiro's corporate activities strive to maintain great respect from all our stakeholders with our employees acting in compliance with the "Charter of Corporate Behavior".

March 25, 2008

Yushiro Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

  1. Customer Satisfaction

    We will earn customer satisfaction (CS) by developing and providing products and services that help customers while taking safety and the environment into consideration.

  2. Fair Corporate Activities

    We will conduct fair, transparent and free competition as well as proper transactions. In addition, we will maintain a sound and normal relationship with politics and government administration.

  3. Information Disclosure

    We will send our corporate information to not only shareholders but also all stakeholders in a timely and proper manner to communicate with them. In addition, we will put in place and into operation a system where our internal control works effectively in order to ensure the reliability of information disclosed.

  4. Respect for Employees

    We will have respect for employees’ humanity and realize comfort and affluence by securing an environment where they can work safely and energetically.

  5. Contribution to Environment Conservation

    With the recognition that tackling environmental issues is a prerequisite for the existence and activities of a corporation, we will act proactively.

  6. Social Contribution Activities

    Being conscious that a company is a member of a regional community, we will make efforts to widely contribute to society as a “good corporate citizen.”

  7. Blocking of all relationships with Anti-Social Forces

    We will never provide any economic benefits to anti-social forces and groups that pose a threat to the social order and sound corporate activities.

  8. Global Management

    In international business activities, we will comply with international rules and local laws, have respect for the local culture and practices, and conduct activities that contribute to their development.

  9. Duties of Directors, Officers and Executives

    Directors, Officers and executives will, recognizing that the realization of this Charter is their role, show a good example through their leadership in ensuring it within their own company. In addition, should there occur an event that goes against this Charter, they will probe the cause, disclose information and ensure prevention of recurrence after making responsibilities (including their own) clear.

Established: March 25, 2008

YushiroGroup Business Conduct Guidelines

  1. Ⅰ Customer Satisfaction
  2. Ⅱ Working Environment and Rules
  3. Ⅲ Protection of Corporate Assets
  4. Ⅳ Fair Business Activities
  5. Ⅴ Accurate Records and Processing
  6. Ⅵ Global Environmental Conservation
  7. Ⅶ Contribution to Society
  8. Ⅷ Compliance with Laws and Regulations, etc.
  9. Ⅸ Notification and consultation

Business Conduct Guidelines
—YushiroGroup Corporate Action Guidelines—

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