Since founded in 1944, Yushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has for 70 years supplied metalworking fluids and floor coating wax necessary for development in industries such as the automobile, steel, and building maintenance industries. We believe it is our duty to continue to meet customers’ demands to improve their business performance and to return the fruits of these our labors back to our stockholders, our employees, and more broadly to society as a whole.

The global economy in 2017, though developing countries are likely to gradually recover, is expected to continue to be influenced by trends in the US and China and to remain uncertain. In addition, it is believed that in the Japanese economy, consumer spending will be sluggish and economic recovery will be limited.

Under such conditions, our group strongly believes we have to continue expanding our business in growing regions such as North & South America, China, Southeast Asia, and India, as well as expanding our business domestically.

For the improvement of our company’s enterprise value, for our contribution to society and for the development of our business, I’ve deeply determined again to show clearly all our employees in our group the way we should go and also to lead them toward our goal under our management philosophy “The way of mutual progress”.

We would very much appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

代表取締役社長 大胡 栄一

Eiichi Ogo

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