Hyogo Plant

Environmental policy of the Hyogo Plant

Yushiro’s Hyogo Plant exclusively manufactures industrial oils and fluids for cutting, surface treatment, plastic processing, electronic materials processing and building maintenance purposes. Environmental protection is also high on the agenda throughout the entire production process to preserve the environment for the future, as expected from a socially responsible business.

It is also important for us to be a good corporate citizen, as seen throughout all business activities that are in sync with the local community, and the city rich-with history and blessed with natural galore.

  1. We strive to reduce environmental impact throughout our production flow, by preventing pollution and ensuring sustainable improvement in the following areas:
    1. ①Reduce waste discharged in the water system;
    2. ②Reduce waste emitted in the air;
    3. ③Reduce waste generated; and
    4. ④Save resources and conserve energy.
  2. We strive to maintain model industrial practices by abiding by environmental laws and ordinances, anti-pollution agreements, and voluntary standards.
  3. We strive to define environmental objectives and goals, as well as systematically put them to practice to uphold and practice our policy.
  4. We will constantly review and revise our policies to incorporate the most recent information available, as well as meet the needs of changing demands.
  5. We will train and educate all our employees to ensure the highest level of environmental awareness.

These policies apply throughout the entire production flow at the Fuji Plant, and are made aware to all employees, as well as disclosed to the public.

Certifying organization and other information
Registered facility
Hyogo Plant, Yushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Certifying institution
Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Registration number
Registration date
March 16, 2001
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