Metal Working Oils & Fluids

Environmental Measures for Cutting and Grinding Oils and Fluids

We are recently experiencing ever-growing need to take proper measures to protect the environment in various facets of business. This outcry has also drastically changed the way we use metalworking cutting and grinding oils and fluids.

  1. In 2000 December, new JIS standards were enforced to fully eliminate use of chlorine-base EP additives.
  2. PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) was enforced, specifying 435 pollutants that pose high risks on the environment. This makes manufacturers and operations legally responsible to measure emission and movable levels of these pollutants and report the results to the government.
JIS (Japan Industrial Standards)

JIS K2241-2000 describes as follows, the purpose in making recent revisions in their former standards.

"We are about to enter the 21st century, and we confront serious problems upon satisfying both needs to ensure rational use of our limited global resources in production and protect a comfortable living environment. Cutting and grinding oils and fluids were developed to deliver high performance and high quality metalworking results. R&D has continued over the years, along with research on their application. Though they have greatly continued to today’s industry, cutting and grinding oils and fluids are nonetheless required to shift paths in meeting current environmental needs. This has drastically limited the types and levels of chemical substances that can be contained in chemical products.

As indicated in JIS K2241-1997, cutting and grinding oils and fluids that are currently on the market tend to mainly use chlorine-type EA additives as a major lubricant content. However, it is feared that these oils and fluids containing chlorine-compounds will generate dioxins when burnt upon disposal. JIS defines standards to improve the quality, production, usage and distribution of mineral and industrial products. However, it also intends to ensure safe and healthy conditions, as well as protect the environment. As a result, a new revision has been enforced, to eliminate use of chlorine-type EA agents defined in JIS K2241-1997, to meet coming and future demands of cutting and grinding oils and fluids."

Measures Undertaken by Yushiro Chemical Industry

Yushiro Chemical Industry remains in sync with needs to R&D chlorine-free oils and fluids, and products that meet PRTR standards.

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