Yushiro Production Facilities Constantly Remain Focused on Quality, Safety and the Environment

Yushiro's high quality products strive to meet customer demands and gain user trust of all Yushiro products. Many of these items are developed and manufactured at the 2 production bases implementing innovative facilities. By enforcing optimal quality control based on a system acquiring ISO9001 certification, the factories thoroughly promise safety and make every effort to reduce environmental load. For pinpoint environmental measures, the factories are ISO14001 certified for a standard Environment Management System. The operations also strive to reduce running cost by saving resources and energy, in hope to minimize environmental load. Relentless effort continues to constantly develop ideal production systems with focus on "harmonizing operations with the global environment and local community".


Baked by the concept of "creating affluence and exuberance", the Fuji Factory strives toward manufacturing value-added quality products. Located on the picturesque skirts of Mt. Fuji in an area rich in verdure, the factory supports Yushiro needs along with the Hyogo Factory. While Fuji covers east Japan, Hyogo covers west Japan, and the goal is also to deliver many products to the foreign market.

Fuji Plant Fuji Plant
  • Established June 1st, 1992
  • Premise Area 76,917m2
  • Total Building Area 6,972m2
  • Capacity 4,500kl/month

This is a new factory added under the concept to promise "highly efficient and stable production of safe, exuberant and quality products". Located on the northern strip of Himeji City renowned as the home of the majestic Shirasagi Castle, the Hyogo Factory covers west Japan and works in sync with the Fuji Factory covering east Japan. The new production base strives to ship high quality products, as well as export products abroad.

Hyogo Plant Hyogo Plant
  • Established June 2nd, 1980
  • Premise Area 39,500m2
  • Total Building Area 5,497m2
  • Capacity 4,000kl/month
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