Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The way of mutual progress The way of mutual progress


Distinctive products 1. Distinctive products

profound technology: thorough and extensive research rather than broad and shallow knowledge 2. Profound technology: thorough and extensive research rather than broad and shallow knowledge

progress always attuned to demand 3. Progress always attuned to demand

Charter of Corporate Behavior

On the Establishment of the Charter of Corporate Behavior

The Yushiro Group's corporate philosophy is "The Way of Mutual Progress," and we have consistently conducted our corporate activities with the aim of earning the trust of all stakeholders around our Group and achieving sustainable development. It goes without saying that corporate activities are the accumulation of the actions of each and every employee working at the corporation, but in order to realize "The Way of Mutual Progress," and to be accepted favorably by all stakeholders, all employees must not only comply with laws and regulations, but also observe internal rules and act in accordance with social ethics, that is, to ensure thorough compliance.

The Yushiro Group has consistently practiced as a good business operator by establishing internal rules and various in-house training programs, but in addition to a systematic compliance system, we have established the Yushiro Group's Charter of Corporate Behavior that outlines the matters that each and every employee should pay particular attention to. This charter contains guidelines that all Yushiro Group employees should follow.

Based on this Charter of Corporate Behavior, all employees will carry out corporate activities that will earn the greater trust of all stakeholders.


Yushiro Group's Charter of Corporate Behavior

1. Customer Satisfaction

We will provide customer satisfaction (CS) by developing and providing products and services that are useful to our customers in consideration of safety and the environment.

2. Fair Corporate Activities

We will engage in fair, transparent, free competition as well as fair business transactions. We will also maintain sound and normal relationships with political and administrative bodies.

3. Disclosure of Information

We will communicate not only with our shareholders but also with all stakeholders by disseminating corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner. We will also establish and operate an effective internal control system to guarantee the reliability of disclosed information.

4. Respect for Employees

We will respect the humanity of our employees, and ensure an environment where they can work safely and vibrantly, realizing comfort and affluence.

5. Contribution to Environmental Conservation

Recognizing that addressing environmental issues is an essential condition for the existence and activities of our company, we will act proactively.

6. Social Contribution Activities

Recognizing that a company is a member of the local community, we will strive to contribute widely to society as a good corporate citizen.

7. Blocking Relationships with Antisocial Forces

We will not provide economic benefits to antisocial forces or groups that threaten social order or sound corporate activities.

8. Global Management

In our international business activities, we will not only comply with international rules and local laws, but also respect local cultures and customs and contribute to their development.

9. Responsibilities of Directors and Executives

Directors and executives shall recognize that it is their role to realize this Charter, and shall take the initiative to thoroughly implement it within the company. In the event that a violation of this Charter occurs, they shall investigate the cause, disclose information, clarify our responsibilities, including their own, and thoroughly prevent recurrence.

Enacted on March 25, 2008