What do you think "Yushiro" in Yushiro Chemical Industry means?

"Yushiro" comes from acronyms for "Yu (oil)," "Shibo (fat)," and "Ro (wax)."
In July 1944, foreseeing the future development of the manufacturing industry, Morimoto Kan-ichi established a head office and a factory in Joto-ku, Osaka, and started manufacturing metalworking oils and fluids.
The main raw materials at that time were oils, fats, and waxes, so he named the company "Yushiro Chemical Industry" as mentioned above. About 80 years have passed since then. We have made constant efforts and have grown into a leading company in the metalworking oil and fluid industry.
We continue to deliver high quality products to our customers.


No.1 Share in Asia in the Field of Metalworking Oils and Fluids

"Products with the Yushiro logo are dependable."
We often hear comments such as this from our customers. These words are the proof of our customers' trust and we are proud of them. With this pride in our hearts, our metalworking oils and fluids have grown into a top brand used at manufacturing sites not only in Japan but around the world.
We have been able to win the trust of many customers because we do not simply sell products, but we have repeatedly visited our customers, engaged in dialogues with them, and developed and provided the high-quality products they truly need.

With the responsibility of a top brand, we will continue to walk "The Way of Mutual Progress" with our customers, carry out in-depth research, and create unique, stylish products that meet customer needs.


Accumulated Technological Capabilities

Technology resides in people - Since our establishment in 1944, we have carried on the worthy tradition of "the art of blending chemical raw materials" accumulated by our predecessors with an insatiable spirit of inquiry. Such technology was not acquired overnight.
It has been honed through repeated dialogues with our customers and thousands of trials and errors in the course of "manufacturing products close to our customers".
These steady efforts have won the trust of our customers, and we have developed unique, stately products such as metalworking oils and fluids and building maintenance products which boast the top market share in the domestic market.

We have no intention of stopping our quest for technology in the future. With the motto "Progress is always with in step with demand", we will continue to refine our technological capabilities and to make products that are useful in various fields.

  • Automotive Field Automotive Field
  • Bearing Field Bearing Field
  • Machine Tool Field Machine Tool Field
  • Aircraft Field Aircraft Field
  • Medical Equipment Field Medical Equipment Field
  • Building Maintenance Field Building Maintenance Field

Toward a Truly Global Company with International Competitiveness

Since the establishment of Yushiro do Brasil in the state of São Paulo, Brazil in 1973, we have been focusing our efforts on building a global network.
We have also provided high-quality products and services under the Yushiro Brand to our overseas customers, and have received high praise. We can say that we truly have worked on building a global foundation for 50 years. With the completion of a network of 12 bases in 9 countries, including North America and Asia, our global strategy is now entering a new phase.
That is, to grow into a company that has a global standard of thought, while at the same time tailoring each of our bases to the actual conditions in each country and region.
By strengthening our manufacturing, sales, and development capabilities at our local bases and enhancing our ability to communicate our messages, we aim to become a truly global company with international competitiveness.


Challenge to New Technology

The history of our company over the past 80 years since its establishment can be rephrased as a history of challenges.
In order to create products that satisfy our customers, we have repeatedly made trials and errors and refined our unique technologies.
Even today, when we have become the top brand in the field of metalworking oils and fluids, we are still taking on the challenge.
We are at a major turning point of the times, and our mission is to create new value by adding free ideas that are not bound by conventional wisdom to the technologies we have accumulated over a long period of time.

To make our excitement tangible - with an insatiable curiosity and spirit of inquiry, we will continue to take on the challenge of creating new products.

Investment in Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Research

With the emergence of new concepts such as SDGs and carbon offsets, it is one of our responsibilities as a company to make sustainable efforts to protect the global environment.
Since our founding, we have continued to study and refine our technologies in order to deliver better products to our customers.
From now on, we will focus on the research and development of new technologies toward the realization of a better society.

Self-healing Polymers that Restore Themselves Even When Cut

The Wizard Series (Wizard Gel and Wizard Elastomer) we have developed is a dream-like material with self-healing properties by which the material can restore itself even if it is cut.
By fusing the university's seed technology with our own unique technology, we were able to realize the idea that it would be interesting to have such a material.
It is expected to be used in all fields related to our daily lives, such as medical devices, intellectual education and hobbies, paints, and construction materials.

Photocatalytic Products that Achieve Both Safety and Bactericidal Properties

Photocatalysts can detoxify odors, dirt, and bacteria with the power of light.
This is one of the world-class technologies born in Japan.
We have succeeded in developing epoch-making new products that are useful in people's daily lives by applying our unique technology to photocatalysts.
One of the features of the products is high safety. Since they are derived from vitamin B2, there is no need to worry even if they get into the mouth. Based on our unique, one-of-a-kind technology, we will strive to develop products that are useful in various aspects of people's lives.