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Environmental Policy Environmental Policy

As a specialized manufacturer of industrial chemicals for cutting, surface treatment, plastic working, electronic material processing, and building maintenance, the Fuji Plant fulfills its social responsibility by promoting "production activities in harmony with global environmental conservation" for the next generation. Specifically, we will engage in the following activities, cherish our oasis of greenery surrounded by famous mountains, and strive to coexist with the local community as a better corporate citizen.

  1. In each area of our production activities, we will reduce the burden on the environment, and promote pollution prevention and continuous improvement.
    (1) Reduction of emissions to the water system
    (2) Reduction of emissions to the atmosphere
    (3) Reduction of waste generation
    (4) Saving resources and energy consumption

  2. We will comply with relevant environmental laws, regulations, and ordinances, pollution control agreements, and industry codes of conduct, and establish and maintain voluntary management standards.

  3. In order to achieve our policy, we will set environmental objectives and goals and act systematically.

  4. The policy will be reviewed periodically in response to changing circumstances and information.

  5. We will provide education and training to all employees to raise their environmental awareness. This policy will be applied to production activities at the Hyogo Plant, and will be made known to all employees and open to the public.


Certification Body, etc.

Registered BusinessYushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.Fuji Plant

Certification BodyJapan Quality Assurance Organization

Certificate Number:JQA-EM0809

Date of RegistrationMarch 31, 2000