Plant Locations

Our proudest PLANTS Thorough commitment to quality, safety, and the environment. Yushiro is proud of its production bases.

Many of Yushiro's high-quality products that earn the trust of our customers are produced at these two production bases, which are equipped with advanced facilities.
In addition to an excellent quality management system certified to ISO 9001, Yushiro is thoroughly committed to ensuring safety and reducing environmental impact.
In particular, as the pillar of our environmental measures, we have established an environmental management system, which acquired ISO14001 certification. We are conducting ideal production activities based on ""harmony with the global environment and local communities"", including cost reductions based on resource and energy conservation.

Quality Policy

  1. Establish an appropriate level of QMS certified to ISO 9001 and continuously improve its effectiveness.

  2. Strive to improve customer satisfaction and earn the lasting trust of our customers.

  3. Set quality goals, review them regularly, and strive for continuous improvement.

  4. Strive to reduce all nonconformities that occur in the plants.

Ensure that this quality policy is communicated and understood by all levels in the factories.

Fuji Plant Fuji Plant

Fuji Plant is a high-value-added plant for manufacturing high-quality products based on the concept of "achievement of comfort and affluence". Located in a scenic area of lush greenery at the foot of Mount Fuji, Fuji Plant is the equal of the Hyogo Plant, which covers western Japan. It supplies many products not only to users in eastern Japan but also to overseas markets.


Facility Building Outline

  • Completion: June 1, 1992

  • Site area: 76,917 m2

  • Building area: 6,972 m2

  • Production capacity: 4,500 kL/month


Certification Body, etc.

Registered Business: Fuji Plant of Yushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Certification Body: Japan Quality Assurance Organization

Registration Certificate Number: JQA-EM0809

Date of Registration: March 31, 2000

Hyogo plant Hyogo Plant

The concept of Hyogo Plant is "safety, comfort, and efficient and stable production of high quality products." Located in the northern part of Himeji City, which is famous for White Heron Castle (Himeji Castle), Hyogo Plant ships high-quality products mainly to users in western Japan, while Fuji Plant covers eastern Japan. Today, it exports and supplies many products overseas as well.


Facility Building Outline

  • Completion: June 2, 1980

  • Site area: 39,500 m2

  • Building area: 5,497 m2

  • Production capacity: 4,000 kL/month


Certification Body, etc.

Registered Business:  Hyogo Plant of Yushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Certification Body: Japan Quality Assurance Organization

Registration Certificate Number: JQA-EM1432

Date of Registration: March 16, 2001

List of manufactured products List of Products Manufactured at Fuji and Hyogo Plants

Metalworking oil and fluids

Cutting/Grinding Oils and Fluids
  • Water-miscible cutting/grinding oils

  • Water-immiscible cutting/grinding oils

Plastic Working Oils and Fluids
  • Water-miscible rolling oils

  • Water-immiscible rolling oils

  • Hot rolling oils for seamless pipes

  • Graphite-free hot forging oils

  • Drawing/pressing oils, cold forging oils

Surface Treatment Agents
  • Rust-preventive oils

  • Cleaning agents

  • Car paint protective coatings

  • Corrosion resistant car waxes

Oils for Cutting Silicon, Quartz, Ceramics, etc.
  • Water-miscible oils for inner blades

  • Water-immiscible slurry bases for blade saws

  • Water-immiscible slurry bases for wire saws

  • Non-flammable water-immiscible slurry bases for blade saws

  • Water-miscible slurry bases for wire saws

Mold Release Agents
  • Mold release agents for aluminum die casting

  • Mold release agents for magnesium die casting

  • Mold release agent for urethane foam

  • Plunger lubricants

Water-Soluble Quenching Liquids
Flame-Retardant Hydraulic Fluids
  • Grinding oils for glass

Products for building maintenance

Floor Polishes
  • Urethane resin waxes

  • Acrylic resin waxes

  • Aqueous waxes

Floor Cleaners
  • Surface cleaners

  • Peeling agents

  • Floor detergents

  • Carpet detergents

  • Hand soaps